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The Past Decade as an NBC Food Blogger and Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Editor

After years of wanting to start my own blog, I  registered comeflywithme in 2009 as a place to put all my lifestyle, travel, food and design writing.  Then I decided to take a job with NBC LA as the Food Editor for a new site they were launching called The Feast, which was acquired several years later by Daily Candy. While I still travel frequently and contribute to many print and on-line outlets, as well as content consulting for brands, I’ve spent much of the last decade making lists of my favorite foods, interviewing chefs on video, and constructing hundreds of food-porn-slide-shows and videos of restaurant openings, every recent food and drink experience I’ve had is documented here. In addition, I’m the Editor-in-Chief for which is a luxe lifestyle site owned by the California Jewelers Association covering everything from bling to booze. In 2014, I co-launched West Hollywood Lifestyle Magazine to cover the astounding people and places of that creative enclave of Los Angeles with a global appeal. You can also find my work on, Robb Report, AFAR, The Hollywood Reporter and, among others. Thanks for reading!