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Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman on the LA Bride

weddingcakeFood Network star Duff Goldman was last seen on Ace of Cakes creating confections that included a smoking volcano and Wrigley Field at his Baltimore based Charm City Cakes bakery, but was recently in LA at the new Melrose Avenue location showcasing some of the signature flavors. We also want to add that Duff just created a spectacular red-white-and-blue cake for the Commander-in-Chief Ball on January 21, 2013.

While you can order almost any type of cake under the sun at Duff’s bakery – from peanut butter and jelly to Egg Nog and Dulce de Leche, and he might have raised eyebrows during his career with a three-dimensional Elvis cake or two, we caught up with the pastry chef and reality show star to find out what people are looking for in a wedding cake.

According to Duff, people in somewhat fickle LA really like traditional, “They want white, flowers, clean – what they see in magazines. The one thing about the brides in LA that I’ve noticed is they definitely like to customize what they see.” The secret is in the flawless presentation and tiny details, “We make beautiful, floral, traditional wedding cakes here, and the whole thing is that wedding cakes need to be perfect. They need to have geometrically straight sides and kept at the right temperature so that the butter cream doesn’t melt and the fondant doesn’t buckle. You need to make sure that you have air holes so that when the cake settles just a little bit, you don’t get any little tiny wrinkles. It’s those little details that you have to get right. And it has to stand up all day but still be delicious cake. It can’t be a stack of Styrofoam!”

Duff continues that brides are prone to looking over every detail with scrutiny, “When people come to look at cakes, they are looking at all those edges. Modern brides are a lot more educated than they used to be. We don’t mind if they take a microscope – we are so good at what we do.”

Duff’s enthusiasm for his craft was palpable as he showed us around the shop from one dreamy looking fluffy cake to the next. What we were somewhat surprised to hear is that carrot cake was the most popular choice for a wedding cake, but couples are also getting more creative and opting for a four-tier cake with different flavors from coast to coast. Duff continues, “It has to be perfect because it’s all about your photos – they will last forever. You want to be able to look back on that day on your 25th wedding anniversary and say what a perfect cake!” 

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